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Free Barn Plans: Get Great Barn Designs in Plans that You Can Download for Free

Are you planning a new barn? Here are some good quality plans that you can use for free! They are all downloadable, so you can start your construction project today. You'll find free storage barn plans, car barns, carriage house designs, pole-barns, farm barn blueprints, big, barn-style sheds and more.  You can also scroll down this page to find inexpensive, professional barn blueprints, barn building kits, free building guides, cupolas, weathervanes, hardware, barn doors and other helpful building products.

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Farm Pole Barn with Tractor

Pole Barn and Pole-Frame Garage Plans  Order practical post-frame barn blueprints, garage plans with lofts and optional add-on garages, carports, storage spaces and workshop areas, horse barn plans, workshop designs and plans for small barns, hobby shops, backyard studios and small animal shelters. Choose from economical one, two or three-car garages, carriage houses with up to five parking bays and all types of pole-barns, mini-barns and sheds.

Small Post and Beam Barn Building Kit

Find Your New Barn or Backbuilding   Visit to find blueprints, do-it-yourself building plans and easy-assembly, prefab kits for barns, workshops, pole-barns, stables, animal shelters, tractor sheds and all types of or country outbuildings


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Small Pole-Barn with Workshop

Custom Pole-Barn Plans and Country Garage Plans  Architect Don Berg's simple pole-barn and pole-frame garage blueprints are planned for easy modifications. Click to see a few of the wonderful barns, garages, work shops, hobby shops and retail stores that customers and their contractors created with the help of the plans.

Free Barn Plans and Building Guides:

Build with Free Barn Plans, Free Garage Plans, Free Shed Plans and Free Workshop Plans  Architect Don Berg's barn, garage, workshop and shed designs are available for download at The free construction drawings allow you build any of 53 different layouts from 120 square feet to 1,300 square feet. Free material lists are available for many of the buildings.

Free Farm and Ranch Barn Plans  These big barn plans are provided by U.S. and Canadian government agencies, the agricultural departments of state universities and lumber retailers. You'll find more than a hundred different designs. Some are complete, up-to-date construction drawings, some are older plans that need to be update to meet today's codes and building standards. Some others are older still - they are measured drawings of 18th and 19th century barns from the Historic American Buildings Survey. Those are great for inspiration and for finding building details.

Free Horse Barn Plans  Here's a bunch of practical plans for horse keepers. There are plans for little one and two stall stables, run-ins and loafing sheds, hay shelters and horse barns with up to ten stalls. These big buildings are challenging projects. The plans are intended for experienced builders.

Free Mini-Barn Plans  These little buildings are great for storing tools and sheltering small tractors, bikes, canoes, kayaks and ATVs. One of the designs, architect Don Berg's mini pole-barn is a combination one car garage, workshop and storage shed with a loft for extra storage

Free Small Barn Plans  Use these plans to build any of dozens of practical storage buildings, barn-style garages and  sheds and multi-purpose barns for small farms and homesteads.

Free Car and Tractor Barn Plans  The Internet's free plans are not limited to little woodwork and crafts projects. Click here to find some big barn plans offered by lumber yards and U.S. and Canadian government agencies. Downloadable carriage house plans will park one, two, three or four cars, trucks or tractors and have lofts and optional workshops. They were created by architect Don Berg, the editor of this website.

Free How-to Building Guides  Learn how to build a small barn, garage, shed, workshop or just about anything else. Download any and all of dozens of books and lessons on building homes, barns, garages, foundations, slabs, stud frames, stairs, roofs and more.

Inexpensive Plans, Kits and Building Help:

Carriage Houses  Build a two-story garage with the looks of an old-time coach house or wagon barn. The lofts are designed for storage or with studios, home office spaces guest rooms or apartments. View dozens of designs and find building plans for your favorites.

Build a Small Barn  These prefab buildings and building kits are great for any type of storage. They make perfect shelters for firewood, garden tools, outdoor furniture, small tractors, lawn mowers, ATVs, canoes and such. Some of the designs that you'll find here have lofts for extra storage space.

Barn Building Kits  Turn building a barn into a much easier project. Click to find pre-engineered, do-it-yourself steel and wooden post and beam barn kits that can be shipped right to your property for step-by-step assembly.

Barn Blueprints  Build a new pole barn, horse barn or equipment shelter with the help of these professional blueprints. Or, use design/build software to create your own barn and then print your plans and material's shopping list. Click to see dozens of designs and to learn more.

Horse Barn Plans and Horse Barn Kits  Keep your horses or other animals safe, warm and dry. These blueprints and metal and wooden kits and prefabs include horse barns with up to ten stalls, hay barns, mare motels, run-in or loafing sheds and shelters for lamas and small animals.

Pole-Barn Plans and Building Help  Post-Frame or Pole-Barn construction is one of the least expensive ways to build a permanent, durable barn or shelter for your farm or homestead. Get the help you need here with sources for professional pole-barn builders, metal roofing and siding, post protectors and complete pole-barn building kits and material packages.

Barn, Garage and Shed Building Products and Resources  Find building materials, cupolas, weathervanes, barn and garage doors, hardware and building help.


Do It Yourself Shed Building Project Plans

Build It Yourself and Save  The do-it-yourself plans and building kits that you'll find at can help you build small barns, sheds, garages, carports, shops, and country outbuildings. Click to find blueprints, how-to instructions and material shopping lists. Or have a precut, wooden or steel kit, with everything you'll need, shipped right to your property.


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Do It Yourself 3D Barn, Garage, Workshop or Shed Design

Design Your Own  Plan3D is a new online service that can help you create the perfect new shed, barn, garage, storage building or work shop.. As you're designing, you can view your building from any angle - inside and out. You can even see how it will look on your property. Or, you can scan plans that you purchased into Plan3D and take a virtual walk through in lifelike 3D. Everything is online and inexpensive, so you can get started today.

Do It Yourself Wind and Solar Energy

Get Free Solar or Wind-Powered Electricity  Take advantage of free energy from the sun and wind. Learn how to build your own inexpensive wind turbine generators and solar panels Get do it yourself plans and step by step building instructions. Plans and guides from come by instant download with a complete money-back guarantee. .

Small Tractor Barn Built in Maine

Let Help You Find the Best Builders or Designers for Your Project  If you're planning on a new barn, garage, coach house, shed or any type of outbuilding, you need Better Homes & Gardens' Home Advisor. They'll find builders and architects in your area who can help. You'll quick bids by qualified professionals who have been recommended by your neighbors. You can compare the bids and the online recommendations to get the best job at the best price.

Carriage House Style Three-Car Garage Plans

Download Dozens of Small Barn Plans, Right Now, for Just $29.00  Get an assortment of attractive pole-barn and conventional stud-frame designs, detailed construction drawings and free, easy, do it yourself building guides. The plans are delivered instantly to your computer for easy downloading and printing. This plan set comes with a complete money back guarantee. Click on the barn to learn more.

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