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Free Outbuilding Plans: Chicken Coops, Small Animal Shelters, Compost Bins, Potting Sheds Smokehouses, Run-Ins and Tractor Sheds

Are you looking for some practical buildings for your homestead? Here are some good quality plans that you are welcome to use for free. You'll find free farm building plans, little pole-barns, equipment sheds, run-ins, tractor barns, compost bins, chicken coops and small animal shelters. The plans are all downloadable, so you can start your building project today. You can also scroll down this page to find a selection of inexpensive farm backbuilding blueprints and building kits.

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Little Pole-Barn Goat Shelter

Small Pole Barn and Workshop Plans  Build an economical little pole-barn as your tractor shed, garage, small animal shelter, hobby shop, garden shed or all-purpose backyard barn. Order inexpensive post-frame blueprints You'll have an attractive and practical barn with a loft for extra storage.

Small Post and Beam Barn Building Kit

Find Your New Barn or Backbuilding   Visit to find blueprints, do-it-yourself building plans and easy-assembly, prefab kits for barns, workshops, pole-barns, stables, animal shelters, tractor sheds and all types of or country outbuildings


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Customized Pole-Barn Used as Country Gift Shop

Custom Small Pole-Barn, Garage and Workshop Plans  Are you thinking of building an unusual structure as your new backyard barn, garage, hobby shop, small animal shelter or country store? Architect Don Berg's small pole-barn and pole-frame garage blueprints are all designed to be easily modified to fit your needs. Click to see a few of the beautiful little buildings that customers and their contractors created with the help of the plans.

Free Country Outbuilding Plans:

Build with Free Shed and Mini-Barn Plans  Architect Don Berg's barn, garage, workshop and shed designs are available for download at The free construction drawings allow you build any of 53 different layouts from 120 square feet to 1,300 square feet. These practical buildings have been used as garden sheds, tractor garages, storage sheds, small animal shelters and more. Free material lists are available for many of the buildings.

Free Chicken Coop Plans and Chicken Tractor Plans You can have fresh, healthy eggs every day for the cost of a few hens and a place to house them. You can build your own chicken coop with the help from one of over two hundred free plans that you'll find here. Choose from simple, efficient nesting boxes, cute backyard barns, coops that look like suburban sheds and "chicken tractor" designs. Chicken tractors are coops on wheels that you can push around your yard to let your hens feed on weeds and bugs and fertilize your gardens.
Free Greenhouse Plans  Get your garden of to a great start this season. Then extend your harvest into the late fall or early Winter. Build your own hobby greenhouse, hoop house, row covers or cold frames and how to use them efficiently with these free plans and how-to guides.

Free How-to Building Guides  Learn how to build a small barn, garage, shed, workshop or just about anything else. Download any and all of dozens of books and lessons on building homes, barns, garages, foundations, slabs, stud frames, stairs, roofs and more.

44 Compost Bin and Compost Tumbler Plans and Composting Guides  Build your own compost bin or tumbler and learn how to use it to produce "gardener's gold" organic fertilizer from your kitchen scraps and yard clippings. These free project plans and how-to guides are just what you need.

Free Garden Shed and Potting Shed Plans  Choose from a variety of practical and attractive shed designs from top how-to magazines and building product retailers. Build a place to store all of your gardening tools and supplies. Or, choose one of the many potting shed plans and have a sunny, protected space to store tools and to get your seedlings off to an early start each season.

Free Mini-Barn Plans  These little buildings are great for storing tools and sheltering small tractors, bikes, canoes, kayaks and ATVs. One of the designs, architect Don Berg's mini pole-barn is a combination one car garage, workshop and storage shed with a loft for extra storage

Free Small Barn Plans  Use these plans to build any of dozens of practical storage buildings, barn-style garages and  sheds and multi-purpose barns for small farms and homesteads.

Historic Outbuilding Designs:  These eighteenth and nineteenth century buildings are samples of the hundreds of barn and outbuilding designs that have been preserved through photographs and measured drawings by the Historic American Building Survey: Farmstead Outbuildings  Smokehouses  Carriage Sheds  Small Barns

Farmstead Barn and Backbuilding Books  Learn how to plan, build and maintain small barns and outbuildings for family farms and country homesteads. The University of North Texas provides an amazing selection of free ebooks from US Department of Agriculture archives.

Farmstead Outbuilding Designs  Get great ideas from free design plans and building details for useful small farm buildings: farm stands, smoke houses, chicken coops and much more. The plans are offered by North Dakota State University.

Inexpensive Plans, Kits and Building Help:

Prefab Carports  A carport can get your autos, boats, trucks, tractors or other equipment out of the weather quickly and inexpensively. Check out these steel and wooden kits and and portable fabric fabric shelters to see if there is one that will work for you.

Build Your Own Shed  Order inexpensive plans with how-to instructions and save a fortune by building your own shed. Choose from dozens of different shed styles, types and roof designs in all sizes.

Small Barn Plans  If you need something a little bigger than a shed, this is the place. You'll find a variety of plans for small barns, big sheds with lofts, small pole barns and coach house style garages with extra storage space in their lofts.

How to Build a Greenhouse  Build your own greenhouse and have a practical, year-round outbuilding. Shelter your garden tools and supplies in winter. Get a springtime head start to a bountiful garden. Then, extend your growing season into the late fall for extra vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers. These small greenhouse do-it-yourself plans and kits will help you build your own.

Horse Barn Plans and Horse Barn Kits  Keep your horses or other animals safe, warm and dry. These blueprints and metal and wooden kits and prefabs include horse barns with up to ten stalls, hay barns, mare motels, run-in or loafing sheds and shelters for lamas and small animals.


Do It Yourself Shed Building Project Plans

Build It Yourself and Save  The do-it-yourself plans and building kits that you'll find at can help you build small barns, sheds, garages, carports, shops, and country outbuildings. Click to find blueprints, how-to instructions and material shopping lists. Or have a precut, wooden or steel kit, with everything you'll need, shipped right to your property.


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3D Designs for Barns, Garages and Workshops

Design Your Own  Plan3D is a new online service that can help you create the perfect new shed, barn, garage, storage building or work shop.. As you're designing, you can view your building from any angle - inside and out. You can even see how it will look on your property. Or, you can scan plans that you purchased into Plan3D and take a virtual walk through in lifelike 3D. Everything is online and inexpensive, so you can get started today.

Do It Yourself Wind and Solar Energy

Get Free Solar or Wind-Powered Electricity  Take advantage of free energy from the sun and wind. Learn how to build your own inexpensive wind turbine generators and solar panels Get do it yourself plans and step by step building instructions. Plans and guides from come by instant download with a complete money-back guarantee. .

Small Tractor Barn Built in Maine

Let Help You Find the Best Builders or Designers for Your Project  If you're planning on a new barn, garage, coach house, shed or any type of outbuilding, you need Better Homes & Gardens' Home Advisor. They'll find builders and architects in your area who can help. You'll quick bids by qualified professionals who have been recommended by your neighbors. You can compare the bids and the online recommendations to get the best job at the best price.

Barn Style, Gambrel Roof Shed Plans

Download Dozens of Shed and Small Barn Plans, Right Now, for Just $29.00  Do you need a new shed or backyard storage barn? Now, you can choose from 41 great designs and print all of the building plans, as often as you want, with one easy purchase. And, your cost will be less than single set of shed plans from many other websites. This plan set comes with a complete money back guarantee. Just click to learn more.

Little Pole Frame Animal Shelter

Order Pole-Frame Shed and Small Pole-Barn Plans  Download gable, truss-roof pole barn plans from 10x12 to 32x40 or shed-roof pole barn and loafing shed plans at from 10x12 to 15x24. These inexpensive plans are complete with all the drawings and material lists you'll need to quickly and professionally construct your barn or shed. All of the plans allow for custom door and window placement. Include the book "Pole Barns Made Easy" with your plan order and you'll have a step-by-step guide to planning and building your own barn.

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